Bruno and The Hooligans
James Elliott Entertainment

Bruno and The Hooligans

February 9, 2024
8:00 pm
The Boardwalk
$15 to $25
Bruno and The Hooligans

Bruno and The Hooligans

BRUNO and the HOOLIGANS are comprised of the best musicians and performers, specializing in a complete Bruno Mars concert production. These musicians love what they do and work hard together at being one of the very best tribute bands in the industry. BRUNO and the HOOLIGANS performs the full range of Bruno Mars' live band onstage, including some of the most complex and challenging songs recorded and performed for live audiences. No other rendition of Bruno Mars' music comes close to this level of accuracy during a live performance, which has taken time to master, with unmatched attention to detail. BRUNO and the HOOLIGANS stage production captures it all flawlessly.

This show is ALL AGES with a responsible paying adult.

All ticket sales are final.