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A Historic Force…

The Boardwalk, established in 1987 by Mark Earl, has been an historic force in the Sacramento music scene. The Covid-19 pandemic and Earl’s passing in November of 2020 resulted in the permanent closure of the venue in January 2022. Nine months later Derek Clark and Sara Green, owner’s of Orangevale’s Palm Tree Brewing Company, purchased the property and the intellectual rights to the venue and spent months revamping the building, and installing state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems.
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In addition to hosting up-and-coming and national live music acts, the venue is committed to creating a welcoming environment for all visitors. The Hawaiian-inspired food and craft cocktail menus are a testament to Derek and Sara’s dedication to offering something unique and memorable to their customers. With the venue now open five days a week, there are even more opportunities to experience the great atmosphere of The Boardwalk.

Derek and Sara, who met volunteering at their local food bank, share the philosophy that you shouldn’t take more than you can give. They have personally donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to non-profits including, Make A Wish Foundation, Central Park Conservancy, Orangevale-Fair Oaks Food band and Save the American River Association. Their shared commitment to give-back extends to their vision for The Boardwalk; all door profits from concerts are donated to local and regional non-profits.

The Boardwalk is particularly focused on helping families, veterans, and pets at risk!

Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Live at Soundcheck Studios - Credit:

Give Back

The new owners Derek and Sara, met while volunteering at a local food bank in 2020. They both knew they wanted to do something in the community that was unique and had the ability to give back. When the opportunity to purchase The Boardwalk presented itself, they knew they had found the perfect project with a purpose. Since acquiring the business they have donated 100% of ticket proceeds to local charities including The Orangevale – Fair Oaks Food Bank, where they first met.
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State of the Art

Derek and Sara have worked hard to continue the music legacy of The Boardwalk as well as take it to the next level. The audio and visual systems have been completely overhauled, and an old tour bus has been retrofitted into a green room. From the new surfboard tables, Hawaiian themed food and drinks, and eight flat screen monitors that showcase the bands’ performance, you will find that the attention to detail truly creates a unique and intimate Ohana experience!
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Live at Soundcheck Studios - Credit:

Unique Venue

At The Boardwalk, we pride ourselves on curating a diverse lineup of bands and artists, encompassing various genres and styles. From rock to jazz, pop to country, there’s something for everyone. We believe in showcasing both established acts and up-and-coming talent, providing a platform for artists at every stage of their careers. This commitment to diversity and inclusivity ensures that each performance at The Boardwalk is unforgettable!